Jean-Pierre Desmarais

In the early 1990s, Jean-Pierre launched his first business, Systèmes d’énergies transportables, whose operations were based on the sale of standard batteries. His efforts then led him to create Pilium Inc. in 1995, a company specializing in the sale of all formats of batteries for all purposes. Under this business name, his first renewable energy equipment sales company was launched in 1999, in the Ahuntsic neighborhood of Montreal.

In 2000, he was offered a position in which he was responsible for launching a similar type of business in Laval, in the Greater Montreal Area. Jean-Pierre accepted this position and is proud of having contributed to the success of Solaire Expert, which is still operating today.

While working for this specialized company, he founded the École des énergies alternatives du Québec (ÉÉAQ) in 2003, the very first French-language school in the Americas devoted to teaching and training adults interested in learning techniques for installing environmentally friendlier energy-producing equipment. It is interesting to note that the ÉÉAQ cooperated with the Décathlon Solaire 2007 project, an international competition held in Washington, DC. In 2010, Jean-Pierre donated his school to the Écohabitation organization so he could devote all his time and energy to Homerizon, a company he founded with his brother at the end of 2008.