Who we are

The Designers

Jean-Pierre and Jean-Marc Desmarais are twin brothers who grew up in the Ahuntsic neighborhood in Montreal, Canada. Both inquisitive and serious sci-fi fans, they, at a very young age, were fascinated by everything concerning technological innovation. In the early 1980s, the brothers began to draw sketches of high-rise houses with futuristic configurations. Over a period of many years they continued to refine and come up with more elaborate designs bringing together design and technology.

Pursuit of a dream

The brothers incorporate their company Homerizon on October 6, 2008 and set to work. They quickly realized the potential of their avant-garde concept and attribute a significant height to the structure allowing for a maximal wind turbine efficiency.

Evolution of the concept

The initial concept, though very impressive, led the designers to adjust to the new market trend of the desire for a smaller, more efficient lifestyle based on the need to protect the environment.

Stages of development

Having reached out and worked with several designers and architects, they are now collaborating with members of the Faculty of Engineering at the Université de Moncton. They are developing optimum methods to merge renewable energy equipment into the structure of the building, giving them autonomy as well as the most advanced ecological properties.

Next steps

Today, Homerizon’s main challenges are to stay abreast of new technologies and make housing cost-effective. We want everyone to be able to acquire a healthy, self-sufficient and vibrant home, in harmony with its environment and its occupants, thus contributing to a better world. Homerizon is constantly evolving and developing innovative new systems to remain a pioneer in what we like to call “A New Housing Era”.